The AGV developed by the R&D department from Kivnon is the first AGV that has the capacity to interpret commands from a human operator with the help of artificial vision.

The AGV is able to receive orders through movements the operator makes with his hand and arm. Besides the visually received orders the AGV uses artificial vision of its surroundings, to define the distance to the operator and to take decisions on the speed it will move and the route to take.

The benefit of this development is that this creates a more natural interaction between the operator and the AGV and lowers the necessity of having different devices to control the process in the working environment. This development can be especially interesting for a picking process in a plant.

The basic functions that are programmed now are the following:

  1. Call the AGV
  2. Come to me and follow me
  3. Stop

Juan Prieto, Managing Director of Kivnon comments: ¨this is a very important step and we really feel part of the development of the future of manufacturing. The fact that our development was succesful shows us that we will be able to make Kivnon´s products even more user friendly in the future.¨ Mr. Prieto foresees that the manufacturing facilities of the future will be full with these type of AGV´s.

Kivnon operates with the philosophy to develop products that are highly innovative and user friendly. So this product fits perfectly in the long term plan of the company to be the leader in Innovative / user friendly and cost saving solutions with AGV´s and related products.

Kivnon presents one of its first prototypes at the at the trade show ¨Logistics & Distribution¨ coming up in Madrid the 23rd and 24th of November 2016.