With the introduction of this new method, based in the technology SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), the company Kivnon offers the complete free navigation for its AGV´s.

The SLAM technology allows the AGV to generate a map of the place where it is used and at the same time uses this map to determinate its exact position in real time.

The SLAM technology helps the Kivnon AGV´s is the generation of maps from its surroundings which is constantly changing and dynamic. Also it can generate infinite loops for different AGV´s and with the centralized software control system makes it the optimate method for changing production lines.

Xavier Munells Technical Director from Kivnon comments: ¨with the help of SLAM technology, we realized in Kivnon that our customers do not have the need to do any prior installation, they can have future information about the movement of their AGV and the configuration of loops is quick and easy, which results in the maximum possible flexibility in a factory¨.

With the introduction of this new technique, Kivnon offers a large variety of types of navigation for its AGV´s, and the company has the option to adapt to the personal preferences from each customer and each situation.