Kivnon took part in the 2017 edition of the SEAT’s Innovation Logistics with the AGV Collaborative Robot elected among all the proposals as the best by the jury.

Innovation is a very significant aspect at Kivnon, since one of the priorities of the company is the development of new products that simplify integration inside the new paradigm of the 4.0 industry.

During SEAT’s Innovation Logistics second edition, Kivnon presented the union between two important concepts in this industry: Industrial Collaborative Robotics and AGVs, building one unique set of work that provides the advantages of both elements in one product.

Assets that, at this point of time, remained static in the industrial environment, they now become mobile elements due to the binomial AGV+Robot since both machines can work as one unit or by separate, according to the needs and requirements of each situation.

Advantages of the product

This product adds significant benefits to the 4.0 industry, offering a high degree of flexibility that allows to use the AGV Collaborative Robot in different workstations. At the same time, it can receive ‘destination-orders’ to go to an area where there is a pending task.

Being understood that communication is an essential value inside the 4.0 industry, the AGV and the Robot can not only communicate between them but also with other elements. This characteristic makes possible the interaction between different elements in the industrial environment, making the AGV Collaborative Robot a complete “cyber-physical” system.

Kivnon, through the applications of this product such as workflow procedures, the process and the pre-assembly in-loop, adds value to logistics deleting unnecessary transport time.

On the other hand, the AGV Collaborative Robot allows to have a diaphanous facility, with the flexibility to do different configurations at the production / assembly line, adapting constantly to the customers’ needs and to the process that needs to take place.

With this product, Kivnon supports, helps and solves customer’s needs, advancing at a very fast pace towards its position as a leader company in the logistics market regarding innovations and user-friendly solutions.