With the latest APP that KIVNON made for Android smart phones, Kivnon offers the operators of the manufacturing facility the option to easy program a circuit of the AGV in its facility. With this Kivnon fits its products perfectly in the fourth industrial revolution (Industy 4.0).

The AGV receives orders while circulating through the facility with the Tags that are placed on the floor on the route. The Tags are read by the AGV and this information allows the AGV to realize its functions.

The user-friendly part of this system can be found in the fact that the plant operator can modify each tag in a few seconds by holding his smartphone above the tag and change the route / speed or any type of instruction for the AGV´s passing by.

The Managing Director of Kivnon; Juan Prieto mentions that this system creates enormous benefits for his customers. First of all, the installation of the circuit at the initial phase of each project can be done entirely by the customer himself. This means an important cost saving aspect with the start-up of any project.

The second benefit is the flexibility to make all type of changes any time of the day in the circuit without the intervention of Kivnon. And as third the easiness of maintenance and installation of the whole system.

Kivnon operates with the philosophy to develop products that are highly innovative and user friendly. So this product fits perfectly in the long term plan of the company to be the leader in Innovative / user friendly and cost saving solutions with AGV´s and related products.

The market of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) is developing at high pace because of the cost / space and operational savings that can be established. Kivnon continues to develop solutions that will help its customers with this development.